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Something to think and pray about this week

All Will Be Well

There can be so much chaos in our world and in our lives. So many people are flooded by experiences of violence, war, famine and disaster. Of course, sometimes it’s not big headline news that creates chaos for us and leaves us feeling flooded. Sometimes it’s everyday stuff: debt, worry, grief, poor self-image, hatred, broken relationships, addiction.  At some stage or other in our lives we have all had the feeling of being flooded, of being overwhelmed.

In Psalm 29:10 we read, ‘The Lord sits enthroned above the flood’. This line can remind us also of the image from Genesis of the Spirit ‘hovering over the chaos’. However, God doesn’t just hover over the chaos. God joins us in our chaos. It’s more challenging to see God in our chaos than in the good times, but God is no less present in our chaos. God’s presence consoles us and challenges us at the same time. God consoles us through God’s immense love for us and assurance that all will be well in the end. God challenges us to see God in all things. When we do see God in all things, in all people, we want to reach out and help/serve those we can, thereby becoming the presence of good, i.e. God, in the chaos for others.

Excerpted from DEEPER INTO THE MESS: Praying Through Tough Times